Thursday, November 3, 2022

Television Irreview: La Casa de Papel, Season 2


When I wrote about the first season of La Casa de Papel, I mentioned that it "falls into eye-rolling melodrama much too often, leans on "convenience of plot" much too often, and alternates too often between engaging, realistic action and over-the-top, comic book shootouts."

But I did enjoy it (particularly for a few of the more interesting characters), so I scored it relatively highly (7/10!) and decided to watch season 2.


Take everything I hated about season 1 and magnify them x10.  Then take everything I liked about season 1 and delete it.

That's season 2.  I made it partway through episode 13 (of 16) and I... just... can't... anymore.

I had convinced myself to keep watching beyond episode 3 or so for two main reasons: 1) learning Spanish, and 2) the show I wanted to watch (El Embarcadero) didn't have programmed subtitles.  But El Embarcadero does have subtitles now, so FUCK LA CASA DE PAPEL.

Season 2 rating:


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