Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Movie Irreview: Shaun of the Dead


I hadn't seen Shaun of the Dead in a very long time.  I have a feeling it's been within the last six years, but my memories of the movie seem more than a decade old.  So when a friend came over - distraught about the current state of her personal and professional lives - we took the opportunity to fire up a silly comedy.

And Shaun of the Dead it was.

Great film.  Heartfelt.  Funny.  Ludicrous.  Serious.  Just - as the poster blurb states - "An absolute blast!"

Yeah, some of its charm has faded, what with the Wright/Pegg/Frost brand of comedy having become mainstream since Shaun of the Dead's 2004 release, but... it's still (and always will be) bloody good.

I've long said the Brits do zombies better than anyone (with 28 Days Later and The Girl With All the Gifts being among my favorite zombie movies), and they clearly do zombie comedy better than anyone, too.


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