Saturday, October 9, 2021

Book Irreview: The Third Man and The Fallen Idol


I first read Graham Greene's The Third Man and The Fallen Idol back in 2011.  I said back then that Greene is regarded as a literary giant because he is a literary giant.

Of the two stories, I find the "The Third Man" to be the better one.  Not only do I find the subject matter more intriguing (racketeering in post-World War II Austria), but Greene's writing style is just... envy-inducing.  Buttery-smooth, effortless... everything that makes me mad when I read writers of such irrefutable talent.

"The Fallen Idol" is intriguing enough, but that one doesn't rock me like "The Third Man" does.  Maybe I should watch the movie version.  I've seen the other story's movie, after all.

I'm gonna ramble.  Just know that Graham Greene is awesome.


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