Monday, July 26, 2021

Book Irreview: Fancies and Goodnights


I'd never even heard of John Collier until I saw a few writers bantering about him on Facebook.  Paul Guay was one of those writers, so - given that Paul is the person responsible for getting me into Stephen King's short stories - I figured to give Collier's Fancies and Goodnights a go.

I must say, while I can't claim to actually understand all of the stories in the anthology, I enjoyed the lot of them.

He touches on everything from crime to romance to fantasy in the most absurd and entertaining fashions.  There's not much subtext.  Everything seems to be in your face (even in the ones, I'm sure, that I didn't quite comprehend).  The closing lines or paragraphs of many tend to be punchlines or - as we say in the writing industries - buttons.

I am flabbergasted that I've not heard of him before.  Seriously, everyone should read this to their children.  Sex and violence and all.


From the Instagram review:

"An anthology of some of the simplest and most amusing short stories I've ever read, if you're in the mood for some Twilight Zone-esque fare, John Collier's Fancies and Goodnights is a fun and entertaining read.

Or did I say that already?

Anyway, while some of his tales are more obtuse than others, there's a consistency to Collier's writing and wit that will keep you turning the page."


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