Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Book Irreview: Norse Mythology


Just gonna cut and paste my Instagram review here, for the most part.  I'm lazy today.  Sue me.


"Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology is a nice, easy read, and - while it may be a tad self-indulgent - it's fun to experience his obsession with, well, Norse Mythology. Granted, I prefer my Gaiman to be more wistful and more cohesive, but given that I don't know all that much about, well, Norse Mythology, I quite enjoy this book."

There's a similarity to Stephen Fry's Mythos, though Fry present his book on Greek Mythology as non-fiction, whereas Gaiman presents Norse Mythology as a fantasy anthology.  I prefer Fry's approach, as is.  That stated, had Gaiman gone "full narrative" with these tales, I'm sure I'd prefer his book.


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