Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Book Irreview: The Prince of Thieves


Y'all probably already know how much I love Robin Hood.  Y'all might not know how much I really, really like Alexandre Dumas.

Granted, it's been yeeeeeears since I've read a Dumas book, be it The Three Musketeers (an all time fave) or The Count of Monte Cristo, but I tend to really like his work.  And I'm fairly certain I've read a few of his shorter works relatively recently.

I dunno.


While Dumas' take on the Robin Hood legend is unique in plot (gone are most of the incidents and anecdotes that most Robin Hood fans are familiar with), characters (sooooo many more female characters than usual), and even era (King Henry II), it's not really... um... any better than the famous Robin Hood compilations.  Simply put, there are better Robin Hoods to read (Louis Rhead's, for example) and there are better Dumas books (the aforementioned The Three Musketeers).


This is definitely not your father's Robin Hood.  It is quite a bit more violent than other versions, and despite the overall narrative feeling rather small, there are a few large battles that manage to make it feel more epic.  Also, the many new female characters are welcome additions to the tale, though Marian feels relegated to damsel-in-distress in the face of the cunning Maude or the protective Margaret (yes, lots of M-names in this one).

Worth a read if you're either a Dumas or a Robin Hood fan.  Definitely worth it if you're both.


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