Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Movie Irreview: Young Guns


I haven't seen Young Guns in years (that I can recall... and we know how reliable that little factor is).  Not sure what compelled me to watch it tonight, but I did.  And I loved it.  I'll watch Young Guns II later in the week (if not tomorrow), I'm sure.

So... I do love Young Guns.  It's a low-budget Western romp that's fun and furious.  No, it isn't great... nowhere near being great.  The cinematographer is serviceable at the best of times and downright frustrating at the worst (seriously, who taught this dude how to frame a shot???).  The soundtrack doesn't seem right for this type of movie (especially after experiencing Alan Silvestri's wonderful score in the second film).  And, well... it's a little weak in character motivations.  Things happen because we're told they need to happen, but (despite the true story that inspired the movie) it's never entirely clear why those things had to happen.

I'm being nitpicky.  I know.

I still love the movie.



  1. wow. Wonder what Casey Siemaszko is up to these days

    1. He's hanging around TV and doing video game voice-overs.