Saturday, August 1, 2020

Movie Irreview: The Gentlemen


Well... after an 11-year hiatus from the genre that he made his name from, Guy Ritchie returns to the convoluted/comedy/crime film with... fucking outstanding results.

Seriously, The Gentlemen is wonderful.  Ritchie has obviously slowed down and matured a bit as he, well, slows down and matures, but he's also clearly learned how to not overuse the gimmicks that made him famous.

And, really, it's awesome.

Gone are the too many, too often, too-quick cuts and plot weaves, replaced by the just enough, well-spaced, and quick-enough cuts and plot weaves.

The cast, per usual, remains outstanding... in part because the roles are so friggin' unusual for the actors playing them.  Nobody takes too long making you believe who they are, though.

Violent.  Funny (probably the funniest Guy Ritchie crime movie since Snatch).  Well-directed.  I do have one niggle with the script, but it's a moment that is set-up and paid off... I just think it's a wee bit of a cheap shot in an otherwise awesomely plotted story.

I'm probably being a bit too kind at the moment, given how much I enjoyed this viewing, but...


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