Friday, May 22, 2020

Movie Irreview: Sleeping Beauty


Okay... so... this was the first Walt Disney Animation Studios movie that I knew, for sure, that I hadn't seen (and had heard of).  Part of me half-expected to go into Sleeping Beauty only to realize that I had actually seen it, thereby proving me bat-shit crazy, but...

That didn't happen.  Thankfully.

As with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty is less a movie about the titular princess and more a movie about the (more interesting) supporting characters.  I will say, as dumb as Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are, they're pretty fun to watch to be stupid as fuck.

I will also say, Maleficent - as dumb as she is - is the best villain of the Disney feature catalog to this point.  But, really... her original plan?  Put Aurora to sleep when she turns 16?  With a spinning wheel?  Like... why not a mouse?  Or a bee?

And then her plan to fight Phillip?  Turn yourself into a dragon?  Why not just grow more thicket?  That plan was working fine!



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