Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Video Game Irreview: Metro 2033 (Redux)


I first played Metro 2033 (Redux) in 2015.  I can't remember why I picked the game up (it was probably on sale), but I did.

I liked it.  I didn't love it.

There's something about the perspective that is annoying.  Things that shouldn't feel claustrophobic do feel claustrophobic.  It's not that the controls are bad... it's just that something is not quite right.

Fast forward to 2020, and Metro Exodus is finally available on Steam (after that bullshit one-year Epic Games Store exclusivity period), so I grab it in February and play the shit out of it until I don't want to play the shit out of it anymore (currently, over 100 hours logged in-game).  I start writing the review to Metro Exodus, but stop, realizing that I don't actually remember much of the first two games.

I'd been telling people that while Metro Exodus has excellent gameplay, the story needs work.  Where was Metro 2033 has so-so gameplay, but an awesome story.  And Metro Last Light (the second game in the trilogy) had awesome gameplay and story.

But, I didn't really know that for sure.

Having just finished Metro 2033, I can safely claim that, yep... Metro 2033 has so-so gameplay and an awesome story.  And, to be fair, the gameplay isn't anywhere near bad enough to prevent you from enjoying the game.  Because it's a good game.

That it's about a post-apocalyptic society stuck living in old subway stations and requiring gas masks in order to explore the surface of the planet is... just a coincidence.

I'll let you know about Metro Last Light in a couple of days.

6/10 for gameplay.
9/10 for story.

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