Sunday, January 12, 2020

Movie Irreview: Kill List


Director Ben Wheatley made Free Fire for A24 films.  That movie was pointless.  Based on Kill List (not for A24), Ben Wheatley likes to make pointless films.

I love the review blurbs on this poster.  No, my bones weren't rattled.  No, my nerves weren't shredded.  It's not diabolical (well... maybe).  It's certainly not brilliant.  I am not unhinged.

And I am not unhinged because, mostly, I'm bored.

Sure, the first two acts are intriguing enough.  Yes, they're slow, but events unfold in a manner in which you want to see what happens next.  Except... there's no substance.  Sure, there are hints of substance... hints of intrigue, hints of mystery, hints of vengeance, but...

There's no fucking story here.  It's not scary.  Why people call this a horror, I'll never know.  Maybe because there's a cult involved.  Or maybe because it's just scary that people get to make pointless fucking movies like this.

Still, the cast is good.  The cinematography isn't.



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