Thursday, September 19, 2019

Playlist III, September 2019: The Simulation

I want to scream her name aloud.  I want to write it out for all of you to see.  It's a wonderful name... rolls off the tongue like soft lyric, morning's first cigarette, or evening's final drink before maroon leggings wind up on the floor.

I've stated previously that I've imagined this woman since I was a child.  Written her.  Still writing her.  Always will write her.  Perfection so close, breathing just behind my eyes.  And so far away, in places I'll never be.

I almost believed she was real.  Almost.

But such a creature couldn't exist.  Nor should she.  She would never fail to remind me just how insignificant I am.

Even from the pages of my mind.



"SAB: An Irrespective"


"Her Smile: An Irrespective"

"The Singing Rain"



The Complete Playlist 3, September 2019

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