Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Her Smile: An Irrespective


If I'm not careful, I'm going to write something about her for every Roo Panes song I listen to.  Not that I'm going to be particularly careful.  Her smile... it's worth writing about.  Often.  Always.  Her eyes narrow.  Her nose crinkles.  Her mouth tightens, and you just want to kiss the tension away.  God, those lips.

I stole many photos of her while we talked.  I'll never regret her, even as I'm certain she'll grow to regret me.  Probably already does.  It's not like I ever had a chance.  The world is hers, and she's going to chase it.

As she should.

And I'll sit back and watch her.  Agape.  In awe.

I just hope she remembers me.

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