Monday, February 11, 2019

Movie Irreview (Irrewind): Primer

Originally reviewed on Facebook, December 27, 2013


How have I not seen this before? I have, I simply erased the experience before I could see it. But then I saw it anyway. Possibly for the second time. DUDE. WHOA. Excellent film on many levels.


Upon Further Irreview:

Yeah... to this day, Primer remains one of the best time travel movies I've seen.  And it cost, what, $50 to make???

Seriously, Shane Carruth pulled a big fucking rabbit of a tiny fucking hat.

Wonderful film.


  1. I tried this a couple of times, not happening a third. Still waiting for his next thing, or did I miss it already?

    1. He did a movie called UPSTREAM COLOR. It was... all right, I guess.

      But how can you not like PRIMER???