Thursday, January 10, 2019

Playlist III, January 2019: La Vie est Belle, Part 1

Back in November I had made a friend and we got to talking about old school mixtapes.  She claimed to miss both making and receiving them, so I threw one together on YouTube.  I almost burned it to CD for her, but I decided that I'm not a complete Luddite and she shouldn't be one, either.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, my impetus for the choice and order of these songs was a movie soundtrack (surprise!).  I tried to mimic the emotional roller coaster of a good and tragic chick flick, and this is what I came up with.

We start with the fallout of the backstory (what happened before the movie starts) as the credits flash under the underrated Zoey Van Goey and my favorite song of theirs, "The Best Treasure Stays Buried."  Then, as Carlon's "Cantaloupe" lets the audience know, shit's only getting worse for our heroes.

Hard decisions must be made, and the journey to salvation (or damnation) begins, leaving our heroes alone in their attempts to become the "King of the World."  The first of two Bob Schneider tracks in La Vie est Belle, one is left to wonder if things are actually going to get better...

And, then, there's a smile.  A glimmer of hope suggesting that, yes, things are going to be "Alright."  I haven't been familiar with Frenic for very long, but I'm pretty happy I was introduced them.  They, along with Hugo Kant, have provided a lot of musical joy through the latter portions of 2018.  Here, Hugo Kant reminds us that "There's No Need to Be Frightened" even as our heroes face their first real crossroads.  Which way they will go, we will see...




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