Thursday, December 6, 2018

Movie Irreview: Ralph Breaks the Internet


I wish I would've watched Wreck-It Ralph again before I went to see this, just so everything would have been fresh in mind.  Whether or not I missed any in-jokes or subtle nods to the first film, Ralph Breaks the Internet is truly wonderful.

Now, while I can't be certain (without a repeat viewing of Wreck-It Ralph, obviously), I do think the first film had the better story.  Ralph Breaks the Internet, however, takes the trophy for design and execution.  I mean... holy cow, there are some truly amazing and amazingly bizarre things to look at.  It all works so wonderfully well, it all feels so right, so silly, it probably just seems to you like I'm gushing right now.

Well, yeah... that's because I'm gushing right now.

The simultaneously self-aware and self-indulgent riff on Disney princesses makes this movie worth watching all by itself.  Top it off with truly exciting race sequences, new and memorable characters, and a touching story of friendship (a friend I went with was in tears), and you've got another Disney classic on your hands.

Well worth your time.  Well worth the price of admission.


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