Thursday, November 8, 2018

Book Irreview: A Short History of Nearly Everything


I love reading about science.  Of physics books, Paul Davies and Neil deGrasse Tyson are my favorites.  Both are easy to read, with Davies being the more technically informative and Tyson being the more entertaining.  For geosciences, I prefer Robert M. Hazen, who is readably straightforward.

This guy Bill Bryson, though... for someone who isn't even a scientist, well... he takes the cake.

Everyone should read this book.  Literally everyone.  Despite the book's inaccuracies (few as they are), it is extremely informative, enlightening, and entertaining, to boot.  Indeed, Bryson is naturally funny and knows when to add a bit of sarcasm for just the right effect.  Of all the books about science I've read, I can't recall having had this much fun.

I hope Bryson writes an updated version at some point.  I'll definitely read it.

Check it out.