Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Brief, Drunken Story of Short Pajamas, Part 2

*Continued from Part 1


Okay, so where was I?

Oh, yes... we made this movie:

... and then we started this production company:

... and then shit got real.

By August of 2013, Horizon Axis, LLC was a thing.  The first short film made under the banner was called "Sweethearts," even though it wasn't our film and I was just producing it.  Later that year, we provided insurance and consulting services for another short film ("Let's Play a Game").

Basically, despite not actually having made a movie in 2013, we had two more movies attributed to Horizon Axis (specifically to Short Pajamas, but whatever).

Now, back up a bit... in either very late 2012 or very early 2013 (I'm guessing very early 2013), this wannabe actor came to pitch me a project.  As the "project" was basically him asking us to film him do a scene from Ally McBeal with some young actress he wanted to fuck, I turned him down.  But, I offered an alternative: I'll adapt one of my short stories with a similar tone, and we'll film that instead.  This was called "Go Tell It on the Molehill."

Somewhere along the way, an actor who was supposed to be in "Dog" (but I fired him), came to me asking to get a project setup.  It was to involve him, his girlfriend, and his best friend.  So, I offered a project: Adapting one of my short stories with characters appropriate for the actors.  This was called "Straight Heat."

Given the available resources, we decided to prep these two projects together and call in every favor we could to make them for cheap.  Target was Fall/Winter of 2013.

Now, back up a bit again... either very late 2012 or very early 2013... I'm dating that French girl and she asks me to write her a monologue that will kick some ass for her acting class.  So, I did (of course... duh).  That monologue was about the US Army's first female Ranger platoon leader, and it was called "Gloriana."

For whatever reasons (and some of them deserve stories of their own... ask me later about the actor who couldn't make schedule because he had to fly home to be an usher in a wedding... AN USHER!)... for whatever reasons, we couldn't film these shorts in 2013.

So, in a very real way, "Sweethearts" and "Let's Play a Game" saved Short Pajamas (and Horizon Axis) from dying a premature death.


While everything in the world is going on, I'm staring at "Gloriana" and thinking that it would rock in the hands of a really good actress.  I let a ton of actresses read it, get notes, improve it a bit, yada yada (I would later learn that the French girl interpreted me allowing other women to read the monologue as a slap to the face... like... I think I learned that in 2016.  Maybe 2015).  It does its rounds and does its thing.

Now, while that's going on, we're trying to get the second of the original eight Short Pajamas scripts off the ground... "Lights & Angels."  The script isn't quite there, we're burning through attached directors... it's just not happening.

I announce an open directing position after the most recent director leaves in a rather spectacular fashion (translation: nervous breakdown... she was actually cast in "Go Tell It on the Molehill," having replaced the original actress, and was a castmember in a webseries we almost got wide distribution for... but those, too, are other stories).  Anyway... open directing position, two finalists (both women), and one of their presentations just blew the other one out of the water.  It was a no-brainer.

Development on "Lights & Angels" begins anew, even as I'm trying to figure out all of this shit with "Go Tell It on the Molehill" and "Straight Heat."

And then something crazy happens... one of the actresses who read "Gloriana" offers $7500 to get the film made.  She needs it for her acting reel and thought it rocked (which it does, of course... I wrote it, right?).

The game changes again for Short Pajamas.

And that's where this story continues.

I'm drinking Barefoot Merlot, however, so it's not going to end today.  Back soon.  All apologies for the brevity.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

*To be continued...

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