Monday, May 29, 2017

Irreview: Alien: Covenant


I rarely go to movies on opening weekends anymore.  But given that both Alien and Aliens are in my "Top 12 Greatest Movies Ever" list, I made an exception.

It sucked.  A lot of people say it's better than Prometheus (a movie I loathe), but I actually think that piece of shit is better than Alien: Covenant.

This is what I wrote on my Facebook page on May 21st:

"Dear 20th Century Fox:

Please remove Ridley Scott from consideration to direct any further Alien films. His desire to mushroom stamp the franchise with his ownership has made it a self-indulgent piece of shit worthy of George Lucas' own prequels.

Seriously... while many claim to like this film better than PROMETHEUS, I think it's just as bad. One or two really good set-pieces, and maybe (just maybe) a good non-Alien movie hidden in there somewhere... but this thing was a piece of shit. Stupid and half-realized characters, half-realized plot, unrealized motivations. Ugh. Just, ugh."

And I admit to taking much glee from analyzing the box office numbers.  It's clear that they adjusted budget and expectations on the relative failure that was Prometheus.  I don't think Fox has any choice now, other than to find a new director (or direction) for the series.

This is not and never was Ridley Scott's franchise.  Whatever credibility he had with Alien was lost with Prometheus.

"Dear Ridley Scott:

I hear Thelma & Louise needs a sequel.  Go ruin that instead."


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