Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Brief, Drunken Story of Short Pajamas, Part 1

You ever just sit there, staring at a blank screen, hoping that inspiration will strike in the form of, say, a beautiful naked brunette refilling your wine glass and rubbing your shoulders and hair while you contemplate the meaning of life for characters you haven't even written yet?


Well, I do.  All the fucking time.

A few years ago, writing came relatively easy.  I'd just sit down, write 1000 words, then get drunk (if I weren't drunk already).  It was all part of the pursuit of my dream.  Of my... art (bleh... I'm very loathe to label it as such).

But, lately, writing is fucking chore.  I seem to be out of ideas, unwilling to type random words, and just plain... tired.

I don't really know why I'm like this now, but I think I have an idea.  And that idea is Horizon Axis, LLC.

Let's back up a bit...

In late 2011, I had the ragingest raging stomachache for two fucking days.  Now, prior to that, I was having raging stomachaches, but those usually went away after a nap or a few hours of not eating.

But, December of 2011... this thing wasn't subsiding.  I was in so much pain, I had to crawl to my neighbor's house and ask for a ride to the nearest hospital (Sherman Oaks!).

Long-story short, my gall bladder got ripped out of me, and I slept on my then-virtual-publicist's couch in recovery for a few days.  Just me and Starbuck.  One of the Three Ninjas (yes, those guys) took care of my cats at home while I convalesced in Tara's living room.

Another long-story short, I realized that I needed to write a short film in which a child or a dog were killed.  And, so... "Dog" was born.

And then came seven more scripts and the uber-ambitious idea to film all eight short films in one year (that year being 2012).

Granted, we filmed three, but only one of those was one of the original eight scripts.

Still another long-story short, by the end of 2012, I was flat fucking broke.  From a series of indiscretions and other piss-poor decisions dating back to the end of 2002, my financial situation finally caught up to me.

So, I prepped for a career in Afghanistan as a contractor, kissed a beautiful French girl goodbye, and packed my truck.  A snowstorm in Reno - where I was going to drop my pets off - delayed my departure from Los Angeles a couple of days.  Days in which I got a few more kisses from a beautiful French girl and, more importantly, got a couple of phone calls from people I had served in the Army with.

One wanted to start a film company.  Another wanted to cover my rent to keep me out of a war zone.

You want to talk about friendship?  I honestly don't think your friends are as good as mine.  And if you want to talk about life-changing events, that was certainly a whopper.

So, Short Pajamas (oddly named... but that's another story) went from an April Fool's joke of 2012 to an actual thing.  Except the producer of I, Robot, along with my publicist (and a few others), recommended that I change the name of the company in order to better suit its needs (and to leave some former partners behind... but that's another story).

A story I had written, "The Horizon Axis," had since been renamed Anthropy as a screenplay... and my major investor liked the original name of the story, so... Horizon Axis, LLC, was born.

Even before the name change, people were pitching their projects to me.  Somehow, quite by accident, we had became a studio.  Small, independent, but a studio nonetheless.

And that's where this story starts.

I'm drinking Barefoot Merlot, however, so it's not going to end today.  Back soon.  All apologies for the brevity.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

*To be continued...

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  1. "You want to talk about friendship? I honestly don't think your friends are as good as mine." Yeh. Right.


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