Friday, April 28, 2017

Playlist II, April 2017

Michael Maas - "Way to Darchan"
April 13 - Time for some epic dreams.

Brand X Music - "Din Duin"
April 16 - The world does not stop for us. The universe does not care about you. But neither of those are any reason to quit. Essayons.

Two Steps From Hell - "Dark Ages"
April 17 - Let's try this ANTHROPY thing again, shall we?



A field of stars tells the lie that there's an end to the universe...

Colossal Trailer Music - "First of November"
April 17 - Good night. Dream big. Epicize. Save the universe.

Colossal Trailer Music - "Weighted Ground"
April 18 - Good morning. Perfect day to put some abstract markings on blank pieces of paper. And, perhaps, obliterate some whiskey and/or wine later. But not too much later.

Colossal Trailer Music, Best of Weighted Ground, via Epic Music Mix
April 21 - Dream epic. Live pragmatic. Write alcoholic.

The Way of Samurai, via Epic Music Mix
April 22 - Comfortable cat? Check. Walked dog? Check. Whiskey and Cherry Coke? Check. Epic music? Check. ANTHROPY treatment? Underway.

David Eman & Trevor DeMaere - "Final Millennium"
April 22 - Anyone available to read a treatment-y script outline and have a chat about it afterward?
Zach? Tyler? Helen? Who else? Dan?

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