Friday, January 6, 2017

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part XII: Heading South

After Cairns, the journey led south toward a place called Mission Beach.  Which is kinda funny, 'cause I grew up near a Mission Beach, but that one was in San Diego.

Anyway, while still Remembrance Day, there was only one other military-oriented stop on the trip.  And, while this was a trip south, this was not a trip back to Sydney.  Mission Beach photos will be a later post (probably the next one).

This trip actually started out by driving near a wildfire, but those pictures didn't turn out all that impressive, so I'm not going to share them.  To be honest, this trip actually started out with an elderly bicyclist getting run over by a car (twice), but I didn't take any pictures of that.  Apologies to those sadistic of you among the readership.

This monstrosity is the Cathedral Fig, an extremely large green fig tree.  Fig trees are wicked evil, folks.  They strangle other trees.  Because they're bastards.

Livestock in a row.  On the way to/from the Cathedral Fig.  Just found it funny for some reason.

The Avenue of Honour, a war memorial for Australia's dead in Afghanistan.  Lake Tinaroo, Yungaburra, Queensland.

I think Helen saw some platypusses (platypi?) and didn't tell me.  'Cause I sure as fuck didn't see any.

And this bastard tree is the Curtain Fig.  Another example of nature's evilness.

Remember that tree kangaroo display I took a picture of in Cairns?  Well, supposedly, this is a sign warning of tree kangaroo crossings.  But I'm pretty sure it's really a sign warning of possums taking massive shits.  Probably makes your tires slippery.

We stopped at a Historic Village called Herberton, mostly for lunch.  But the village itself was a pleasant surprise.  This panorama is from a house stocked with old cameras and camera equipment.  Just showing off for my cinephile friends.

Australia had its own board game.  If you look closely, everything that happens to you is something bad that happens to you.

Aussies have a term called "Furphy," which is basically a synonym for "full of shit."  The origin of the term were water cart drivers of the Furphy company, whom were all apparently full of shit.

Another room at Herberton.  Look at that guy.  He's fucking creepy.


A vintage 6th grade test.  I probably can't pass it.  And you probably can't, either.

Creepy dental stuff.  Just because.

Vintage cigarette ad.  I don't smoke anymore, but this makes me want to try a Capstan!

Oh, dear... no wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are all racist.

Some sculpture in a small town called Millaa Millaa.  I have no idea what it represents.

Millaa Millaa Falls.  A bunch of annoying backpackers were splashing about, so I didn't stay long.

Zillie Falls.  Unlike Millaa Millaa, you can't get to the bottom without some serious hiking gear.

Ellinjaa Falls.  The best of the three.

Crawfords Lookout.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

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