Friday, January 13, 2017

Collecting Random Thoughts from Over the Years, Military Edition

This one was untitled, and starts like this:

It's been a while since I've had a rant about the military.  Sure, I haven't officially worn a uniform in quite some time, but as I've been dipping my toes back into that world (for completely different reasons than before), I've been rediscovering things to rant about.

I have no recollection what I was about to go on about.

Then there was this one, titled "Overdue Randomness":

North Carolina apparently wants me to come back.  Second intriguing offer in as many months.  Must resist, however.

Think about this... the south went to war with the north, lost, and some in the south still want the Confederate Battle Flag flown from government buildings.  1)  Who are you at war with?  2) Mexico went to war with the USA, lost... what the Hell would happen if some in the southwest demanded the Mexican flag flown from government buildings?

I'm thinking the North Carolina reference was either an invitation to a ceremony at Fort Bragg, an invitation to speak at Fort Bragg, a job offer in Wilmington, or... I dunno.  North Carolina pops up a lot these days.

Started one called "Spearhead Units," which only has an introductory line and some notes:

As we adjust from counter-insurgency (supposedly) back to conventional warfare (thanks, Russia)

but as my relationship with the military returns to its nominal levels (pre-bureaucratic hubbub of about, oh, say... 10 years ago)

The intent behind that one, however, remains clear to me.  I was going to rant and rave that, no matter what paradigm shift the military runs with, they should always maintain units trained in the then-unpopular types of warfare.  Hence, "spearheads."

I also apparently collected some quotes about me from the Army days. 

"You're a good dude, that's why I remember you." - David
"I learned most of that shit from you." - Joe
"I had a good team leader." - Erran

And on the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination, I tried to interview my father about his experience on that day (a blog article to be creatively titled, "Dad's JFK Day").  He answered a few questions, then promptly declared that he didn't want to do the interview anymore.  The following is all the information I got:
  • Navy Reserves -
  • Air Force - December 12, 1959 - 7 years, 3 months, 10 days - February 11/12 1967
  • Nov 22, 1963
  • Lived off-base.  Married.  Allowed to go home.
  • No longer K9 "dog handler."  Air Policeman.  Airman First Class (E-4)
  • Gate 51A - SAC (2nd Air Force) - Wright Patterson AFB (B-52 gates).  Only one.
  • Can't remember how you heard about it... you think someone you checked in through the gate told you.
  • Everything stayed normal.  An alert, but nothing was too out of whack.
  • SHOCKED when you heard.  Smoker (favorites: Winston).

Lastly, I was apparently going to be passive-aggressive towards someone. No idea who or what set this off. Had the earmarks of a "mental beat," however.  Maybe I'll finish it someday.  Probably not, though.

Call me a jerk. Call me an asshole. Call me whatever it is you think you need to call me to make yourself feel better. But don't call me a hypocrite. Reserve that for yourself. Think I'm wrong? Better remember everything you've told me in the past few months... rest assure I do.


I've never hidden the fact that I'm a hedonist... out for myself, by myself, in order to accomplish those needs and wants that I want to accomplish. You're going to throw that as an insult? Doesn't work. I can only thank you for finally recognizing the truth in what I told you when we first met.

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