Monday, December 26, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part X: The Great Barrier Reef

Sadly, not many of the photos of the parts of the reef I went to are very spectacular.  I can't speak for the protected areas of the GBR, but the two portions I saw are very bleached, indeed.  Supposedly, they should be far, far more colorful.

Ah, well.  Was still a fun day out.

Also, ignore the time/date stamps on the photos that have them.  Rented an underwater camera and hadn't bothered with the setup (also hadn't bothered with removing them, despite the information being a separate file layer... because I'm lazy).

Leaving Cairns.

A bunch of idiots in the sea.  Funnily enough, this is what constitutes most people's idea of "experiencing the world."

Some protected birds on a random sandbar island among the Great Barrier Reef.

Almost all-growed up.

Fish.  Returning the "gathering of idiots" favor.  Except these guys got food out for their efforts.

Unlicensed divers.  Being shown around.

Colorless.  Still a lot of marine life, but the coral... yeah, kinda sad.

Literally the most color I found underwater.

More experienced divers wrangling the ones getting lost.

Other people saw sharks.  Some saw sea turtles.  I saw this boring fucker.

Snorkeled to an island, then back to the boat.  After I fucked up my toe, by the way.

This dude was cool.  Swam right up to my face.  Several times.

Post-snorkel meal.  Unlike the mess in Kuranda, this roo and croc was delicious.  With prawn, to boot.

Fellow snorkelers, Tomo and Helen.

The colorful walk to the car.  Since the colorful snorkel lacked any color.

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