Sunday, December 18, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part VIII: North to Cape Tribulation!

After the film festival, we went back south a bit to Brisbane in order to catch a plane to Cairns.

Once there, we headed north to Cape Tribulation for a look-see.  Officially the farthest north I've been in Australia to date (that will change in the future, however).

Brisbane International Airport.  Oddly enough, my first civilian domestic flight in a country other than the United States.

Ah, yeah!

This is a vegan hot dog.  And it was pretty fucking good (I'd have it again).  I ain't giving up meat anytime soon, though.

Rented a villa in a mock billabong.  Was a bit weird, at first, but it grew on me.

The view at lunch in Port Douglas, on the way to Cape Tribulation.  Lovely spot.

Just an air bubble in a bottle of Great Northern.

The road to Daintree National Forest.  Forget exactly where this is.

So, this sign is the real reason I wanted to go to Cape Tribulation.  I'd seen a picture of it in a magazine article called "Funny Signs That Really Exist" (or something like that).  However, if I'd have told my friend Helen that's why I really wanted to go, I don't think we'd have made the trek.

Just a few warning signs on a rather beautiful beach.  That you can't swim in.

On the way back to Cairns, we stopped by a World War 2 monument.  Apparently, on July 31, 1942, a Japanese plane dropped some bombs on a random paddock.

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