Monday, December 12, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part III: Port Macquarie Randomness

First full day in Port Macquarie resulted in a visit to a koala sanctuary and an awesome dinner at at awesome restaurant in which Helen and I were the only two people in it.

The next day (I think), I found myself at a rather boring "pioneer town" (the Aussies love their pioneer towns).

And then there was a lighthouse somewhere.

I really need to look these places up... I've already forgotten where I've been.

Went to a koala hospital.  Took a picture of a kookaburra.  I mean... what else are you supposed to do?

I never found this damned bird.  I was even looking up the whole time.

Australian bush turkey.  Sadly, not the swooping bird, either.  But he did follow us to the restaurant.

Not only was the food amazing... their philosophy is on point!

This is Winnie.  She slept in this tree outside of the villa all day.  We'll revisit her later.

Lame pioneer town.  With a sad, bored pig.  I seriously wanted to rescue this guy.  I might have even felt guilty the next time I ate pork.  Can't remember.  Let's just assume I felt guilty.

Oh, look... a pioneer town.

The highlight of said pioneer town... Casper the Cockatoo.  He LOVES having his belly tickled.  And he'd only speak once you stopped tickling him and walked away.  He's a very, very good guilt-tripper.

Anyone who knows me knows why I took a picture of this.

A panorama of yet another gorgeous, empty beach.  WTF, Australia???

Beautiful rocks.  I was secretly hoping one of the idiots on the right would slip and fall.  So I could point, laugh, and call them idiots.  After I called for help, of course.

TWO PEOPLE??? On that??? If this were America, there'd be so many bodies you wouldn't be able to see the sand!!!

Just a nice rocky beach.  Again, with no one on it.

Winnie, still sleeping in her tree.  I've got video of this girl.  I'll share it in a future post.

Winnie.  I miss her.  We bonded.

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