Monday, December 26, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part X: The Great Barrier Reef

Sadly, not many of the photos of the parts of the reef I went to are very spectacular.  I can't speak for the protected areas of the GBR, but the two portions I saw are very bleached, indeed.  Supposedly, they should be far, far more colorful.

Ah, well.  Was still a fun day out.

Also, ignore the time/date stamps on the photos that have them.  Rented an underwater camera and hadn't bothered with the setup (also hadn't bothered with removing them, despite the information being a separate file layer... because I'm lazy).

Leaving Cairns.

A bunch of idiots in the sea.  Funnily enough, this is what constitutes most people's idea of "experiencing the world."

Some protected birds on a random sandbar island among the Great Barrier Reef.

Almost all-growed up.

Fish.  Returning the "gathering of idiots" favor.  Except these guys got food out for their efforts.

Unlicensed divers.  Being shown around.

Colorless.  Still a lot of marine life, but the coral... yeah, kinda sad.

Literally the most color I found underwater.

More experienced divers wrangling the ones getting lost.

Other people saw sharks.  Some saw sea turtles.  I saw this boring fucker.

Snorkeled to an island, then back to the boat.  After I fucked up my toe, by the way.

This dude was cool.  Swam right up to my face.  Several times.

Post-snorkel meal.  Unlike the mess in Kuranda, this roo and croc was delicious.  With prawn, to boot.

Fellow snorkelers, Tomo and Helen.

The colorful walk to the car.  Since the colorful snorkel lacked any color.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part IX: Skyrail and Kuranda Heritage Train

Another day in Cairns, and it consisted of riding above a jungle canopy for seven kilometers or so, eating lunch in a silly tourist town (Kuranda, I think), and heading back to Cairns via a train through mountains.

First hill from the origin station.  Four stations total, if I recall, including the start and finish.

High enough to see a cruise ship either coming into or leaving port.

Been a while since I've seen that much jungle in one spot.  Although, to be fair, that's not really that much jungle.

A basket fern.  They grow on the tops of other trees.  Australia has a lot of plants that are parasitic to host plants.  Although "parasitic" might be the wrong word in this instance.  Symbiotic, maybe?

Waterfalls over a dammed part of some river.  There's a hydroelectric plant.  I took picture, but I'm not posting any.

Remember this guy.  I have a bad joke coming in a future post.

High above... some river.

That there is crocodile on top of kangaroo on top of mashed potatoes.  Sadly, due to the chef, it didn't taste that great.

Weird signpost.  Next to a Japanese couple in danger of losing their child.

The opposite side of the canyon.  If you look closely, you can see one of the Skyrail towers, top right.

Taking the train back.  Got kinda boring.

These people clearly don't want to live near civilization.  Except when they need new solar panels.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part VIII: North to Cape Tribulation!

After the film festival, we went back south a bit to Brisbane in order to catch a plane to Cairns.

Once there, we headed north to Cape Tribulation for a look-see.  Officially the farthest north I've been in Australia to date (that will change in the future, however).

Brisbane International Airport.  Oddly enough, my first civilian domestic flight in a country other than the United States.

Ah, yeah!

This is a vegan hot dog.  And it was pretty fucking good (I'd have it again).  I ain't giving up meat anytime soon, though.

Rented a villa in a mock billabong.  Was a bit weird, at first, but it grew on me.

The view at lunch in Port Douglas, on the way to Cape Tribulation.  Lovely spot.

Just an air bubble in a bottle of Great Northern.

The road to Daintree National Forest.  Forget exactly where this is.

So, this sign is the real reason I wanted to go to Cape Tribulation.  I'd seen a picture of it in a magazine article called "Funny Signs That Really Exist" (or something like that).  However, if I'd have told my friend Helen that's why I really wanted to go, I don't think we'd have made the trek.

Just a few warning signs on a rather beautiful beach.  That you can't swim in.

On the way back to Cairns, we stopped by a World War 2 monument.  Apparently, on July 31, 1942, a Japanese plane dropped some bombs on a random paddock.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part VII: Fraser and NIFF

So, despite having been in around Noosa for almost a full week, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures.  But, know that the film festival was awesome.  Met a lot of cool people (and am likely collaborating in the near future with a couple) and saw a lot of impressive films.

Also, ate a lot of kangaroo.  But you probably figured that already.

At some sandy peninsula, waiting for that ferry in the distance to take us to Fraser Island.

On the ferry.  Mainland Australia to the right.  Fraser Island to the left.  I think.  Might have that backwards.

A dingo!  Apparently, dingoes on Fraser Island are the only purebred dingoes in the world.

Why am I showing you sand?  That's not sand... that's some fucking clear-ass water.  Crazy, eh?

Spider egg sacs.  Hanging over my head during the barbecue lunch.

The shore of Lake Mackenzie.

Me in Lake Mackenzie.  Gorgeous water.  Looks and temperature-wise.

Just messing around.

This guy likes my sock.

Back at the villa, writing a script I had to turn in since they already paid my deposit.

Cinematographer John Seale.  I shared a brief story about an experience I had regarding a film he shot, The English Patient.  Nice guy.  Too many groupies.

Programs, passes, and brochures.  Six of those tiny blocks on the programs are my movies! (One film screened twice)

In case anyone was wondering,the five films that screened were:

Friday, December 16, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part VI: The Gold Coast to Noosa

The next leg of my Australia road trip was probably the most boring leg.  The Gold Coast is supposedly a hip, happening place... but it didn't seem that way.  Seemed like a nice city with an over-hyped tourist district.  Many Aussies I know describe it as "Las Vegas without the casinos."  A tad inaccurate, but I get why they say that.

After a couple of nights in and around Surfer's Paradise (the suburb of Gold Coast we were in), we headed north toward Noosa and the impending Noosa International Film Festival (which I'll get to in a couple of posts).

That there's a big banana.  We stopped there 1) because I wanted to and 2) because we'd just shot a short film called "Ananas Comosus" and this was to be part of our Instagram joke.  Speaking of Instagram, go follow us: @shortpajamas

I was very disappointed to learn that the castle symbol is just the Australian symbol for historic location.  There are no fucking castles in Australia.  Except for that replica one on the way to Adelaide.  But I'm reminiscing about 2014 now.

That's a big prawn.  Not part of the "Ananas Comosus" joke.  Just a big fucking prawn.  In front of a hardware store.

Finally!  A somewhat busy beach.  The view at a lunch, catching up with friends.

Taken from the 37th floor at Surfer's Aquarius.  I had to lean over the railing quite a bit to get this shot.  Worth it.

Went to a "famous" jungle canopy walk near Mt. Tambourine that wound up a complete waste of time and money.  THIS was literally the most interesting thing on the walk.  A tree.  Grown into the railing.

Ooooh... where's that go?

There's that go!  Natural Bridge, this place is called.  Springbrook National Park.

This here is a tree know as a Strangler Fig.  Unlike other trees, this thing starts growing from the canopy of an existing tree, then snakes its way DOWN to the ground, finally taking root, and then devouring the tree that it grew down inside of it.  Yes, nature's a motherfucker.  No, I'm not making this up.

I like the way this wine thinks...

A big pineapple.  This one's part of our Instagram joke.  Oh, yeah... we're on Twitter, too.  Also @shortpajamas

Third time to Australia and I finally find Barefoot wines!!! At our villa in Noosa, no less!!!

Kangaroo sausage.  AKA, "Kangaroo snag."  Unlike other roo meats, these aren't that good.  But, I had to try.