Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Playlist, April 2016

So, just to explain how these playlists come to be...

I listen to a lot of Pandora. A LOT. And, whenever I hear a song that just vibes for whatever reason and at whatever moment, I typically post it to my Facebook page, accompanied by some silly little comment, quote, or thought. And when there's more than a couple songs on my Facebook page, I compile them and post them as a "Playlist" here.

Anyhoo... not sure anybody noticed, but as of the last playlist, I started posting the relevant comment, quote, or thought from Facebook, as well. Maybe it'll give these playlists some context and make them more interesting for you. Or not.



I need to change my Pandora channel, I think... I'm trying to write suburban drama and this comes on, and the next thing I know, an angst-ridden teenager is running around her living room being chased by cybernetic space ninjas on a secret rescue mission from Galorax, Prince of the Mindakka Empire. Dammit.

Gonna dream epic tonight.

Nothing like writing an Australian crime thriller while listening to Canadian hip-hop. Good morning, Saturday.

Spy thriller? Crime thriller? Well, don't mind if I do...

Boom. What? Who gives shit? Just do it.

Today is French, 2000 words of "Two-Up," Spanish, and 15 pages of CLANDESTINE'S DAUGHTER. And some paperwork, but I'm trying to forget about that shit. ‪#‎epicize‬

This is what it feels like to write, "FADE OUT. THE END."

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