Friday, January 8, 2016

La Chaise des Animaux

So, I recently moved.  When I had originally returned to Los Angeles, a friend of mine from North Carolina (who had also moved to Los Angeles) gave me a couch and a matching armchair.  Over the next five years or so, that couch got used and abused.  The cats pissed on it (often), used it as a scratching post (even more often), and my dog basically used it as a bed while I wrote or worked on the computer (or played video games... I'll admit it).

Late last year, a friend of mine from Australia came for a visit and decided to buy me a new couch, so we dumped the old one.  However, I kept the armchair.  As it had been in my room, it had not been used and abused and only sometimes did the cats sleep on it.  I'm not sure how many times I even sat on the thing, but it wasn't many.

Anyway, despite the pleas of some to get rid of that chair, I did not.  Despite the fact that it's kinda ugly and rocks a bit due to unbalanced legs (actually, one leg is missing, replaced by a poorly-nailed block of wood), it now sits proudly immediately next to my desk.

But, why did I keep it?

Well, because my pets love it.  And it makes them feel comfortable.

Case in point, when I first moved into the new place, both of my cats hid inside of that chair for days.  Literally, days... coming out only to use the litter box and sneak some water.  I'm not even sure they ate anything for those days.

The only place Sagremor and Kay felt safe...

Anyway, fast-forward a couple of weeks and my living room is done up, my dining room is done up, and the chair winds up in my office, next to my desk.  The cats are finally used to the place, are exploring the neighborhood, and everything is hunky dory.

Well, except for Starbuck and Kay fighting over who gets to sleep in the chair.

"This is bullshit, dude."

"His nose is poking my ass, dude."

"Bullshit, I said!"

But, eventually, it all comes together.  Harmony, at last.

Sagremor is supervising.  That's why he's on the desk.

Sagremor is still supervising.  He's just doing it from a softer place.

Hell, the chair is so popular, so comfortable and comforting, that even animals who don't live here gravitate to it.

"Who the fuck is that, dude?"

And there you have it... reason enough to keep that crappy old chair.

Also, I'm taking French lessons, which explains the title of this blog entry.

À plus tard!

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  1. Hahaha . .OK I hate the chair but if they love it so much, I guess you'd better hang on to it, just keep it out of sight. Love Starbuck's chagrined expression.