Monday, January 25, 2016

An Ordinary Life

Oh, Amy... you get me.

But, seriously... people think I do what I do because I want to be famous.

Fuck.  That.

I hate sticking out in crowds.  I like entering and leaving a place the same way... silently and without anyone knowing I was there.

Yes, I can handle crowds just fine.  I can handle social situations just fine.  But I hate loud places, and this includes parties, bars, and (especially) clubs.

I don't particularly like the city I'm in.  Never have.  I don't hate it, to be sure, but this will never truly be home to me.  San Diego, Boston... Adelaide.  Those feel like home.

I just want to see the world.  All of it.

I am nothing special and I don't ask to be anything more.

It's all for fun and it's all so fucking hysterical.

Bonjour, buenos dias, and good day to you.

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