Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friends of "Dog"

Any of you who are tied into any of my social networks, or my email lists, or know me even a little, have probably been bombarded by requests for money over the past few months.  In case anyone has forgotten, in late June, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a short film I wrote and am currently producing.

In a pleasant case of surprise, we wound up (initially) raising $7999.50 (rounded up to $8k by the website).  After fees and a handful of rejected contributions, we had $7050 in the bank with which to make "Dog."  So we started doing just that...

And, on September 7th, principal photography began on the film.  Almost immediately, cost overruns began cropping up (partially do to a poorly prepared, disturbingly under-budgeted preliminary budget), and I soon found myself fronting a lot of my own money to keep the momentum going on the shoot.

Stupid?  Probably.  Worth it?  See for yourself: Production Value Teaser.

As you no doubt noticed, because of these overruns, we had to launch a new Kickstarter campaign to recoup the money I had already spent.  In another pleasant case of surprise, we wound up raising $4198, which ultimately added another $3860 to the account for "Dog."

A grand total of $10910 to spend on the film.  And spend it, we have.  (Well, not all of it... yet).

What's my point?

My point is that I'm absolutely flabbergasted by and in awe of the 101 people who contributed funds to the project.  Like... in awe of.

Here's some factoids concerning the backers:
  • I have no idea who roughly half of them are.  Not only did complete strangers to me give money... complete strangers to EVERYONE INVOLVED in the film gave money.
  • A great deal of support came from the blogging community.  People I know via their words on a computer screen, but probably don't know by face, voice, or even real name.
  • Some support even came from bulletin boards (remember those?).  I used to hang out on science fiction bboards back in the day - much to the chagrin of my ex-girlfriend, who would claim that I was wasting my time - so I tossed a Hail Mary just to see what happened.  So what happened?  A plethora of Facebook likes, shares, and even some cash.
  • As I'm a veteran, I expected a decent amount of contributions from fellow soldiers... I was completely taken aback by how much they actually gave.  If there's ever a reason to join the military... it's the friends you make.
  • Quite a few contributors gave to BOTH campaigns.  Generosity rampant, indeed.
Anyway, given that this is a blog, I'm going to give an extra shout-out to the bloggers who supported my short film.  Do them the honor of giving them a visit.
And "Like" our Facebook page!


  1. Glad it all worked out. Some fierce lobbying there Ninja.

  2. Cool. Now go win some prizes! :-)

  3. we're all proud as punch! yer da man

  4. Aww :), it's been a pleasure to get the updates and see you guys going after this. Thank you for sharing it with us. Wishing you great success! And many more ventures following this one.

    PS This is the link I use--my original you may recognize:

  5. Hey thanks so much for the mention... what goes around comes around. AND good luck with Dog - really looking forward to seeing it! :)

  6. Wow thanks! Appreciate the shout-out very much, and am glad to be part of something that's new and exciting to me. I've always loved watching indie films, but didn't know much about the process or where the money came from, and I've learned a lot. I'm glad you got to film your movie, and I can't wait to see the finished product.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    Sorry it's not a hyperlink - YellowBoy, 12, drowned my mac, so here's her soul in a donor 2006 body which won't allow <href...sigh. It's been a humbling experience spending three weeks in PC land, and then to return to the past...missing a lot of the functionality...but this is not the place to whine so sorry...just 'splainin'.

  7. I'm hoping that somehow I'll get to see this film! Production teaser looks awesome.

  8. honored to be among such cool folks supporting your project and love the backstory about how many strangers donated. rampant generosity indeed. good luck jeff and looking forward to the big reveal.