Monday, August 27, 2012

Scatter, Brains!

... eh.

Probably a little late for that.

They scattered a long time ago.  No, really, my memory's been very strange these days.  Only a few years ago, I would (accurately and honestly, I swear) often tell people that "If I tell you I can't remember, I'm probably lying."

And now I forget EVERYTHING.

No, I'm not probably lying.

I even started using "Google Calendar" to start keeping track of appointments and meetings, which I have been missing/forgetting at a record rate.  One problem with Google Calendar... when I started using it, I found myself INPUTTING THE WRONG FUCKING DATES!!!

So that experiment went nowhere.

That's not a surprise, though.  A lot of things go nowhere.  A lot of people, too.  I find it funny how they all claim to enjoy going nowhere.  Pride... probably means you're lying.

Hey, that's kinda clever...

Or not.

I think I'm going to attribute this flippancy/absent-mindedness to quitting smoking.

Shit... I forgot that today is my nephew's birthday.

Shit... and my parents' anniversary.

All good, though... my favorite Australian Football League team (the Sydney Swans) is probably going to have a Top 2 position in the finals this year.

Pity I forgot the game was last Friday and not Saturday... I even scheduled a get-together to watch the match.

Oh, and I'm flipping the bird to the Internet way of doing things and am re-familiarizing myself with using two spaces after periods (and other full-stops) when typing!  Take that!

But, enough about me.  How are you?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cinema Insomnia, Part 2

So... I was at a red carpet event... said event had a complimentary wine bar... which, well, yeah...

And at this said event, my producing partner won an award for "Best Feature Film." Which is awesome...

And, while drunk (or tipsy... or whatever...), I was hijacked by a tall Persian woman and pulled onto the red carpet...

I was kind of embarrassed, since I wasn't supposed to be there.

Ah, well...  Neither was she.

L-R: Tall Persian Woman, Me, Producing Partner, Other Guy

Goodbye, Dr. House...

This happened a while ago, but I feel the need to talk about it... it was very difficult for me, this thing... I even put it off for a week in some lame attempt at delaying the inevitable, but I finally did it. I sat down, dinner cooked and sitting on my desk, and watched the series finale of one of the few shows I watch(ed)...


A good ending. Fitting, at least. Although the second-to-last episode was the one that tugged at heartstrings. The very sight of Gregory House coming to tears was enough to... well... yeah...

In Other News...

I'm going back to Australia this Christmas.

From March 14th to June 13th, I managed to smoke only 3.5 cigarettes.  Granted, I supplanted a lot of my nicotine intake with snus.  That stated, I cut all nicotine ingestion on June 14th, and will hit 70 days nicotine free this Thursday.  This calls for a celebration dance!

Jesus, I'm fat.