Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vaguely Organized Musings, January 2012

Vague Film Stuff

Well, 2012 has only been 27 days (28 by the time anyone reads this... unless, of course, you're in a later time zone, in which case it'll still have only been 27... I'm too lazy to do the math, but I'm thinking nobody will be on January 29th when this goes up... but, yeah... I'm so off topic, I don't even know what the Hell's going on...)...

Lots of ellipses... hmm... Hey, there's two more.


So, 2012 has only been 27 days (28 by the... shit... never mind), but it's already kicking ass and taking names. For pretty much the past two weeks (and maybe three), I've been locked in meeting after meeting, pitch after pitch, and shit is getting done. Scripts are out, indie films are in pre-production, and my living room (along with several other living rooms, a few coffee shops, a couple of sushi bars, and a handful of restaurants) have turned into impromptu, planned, and deliberated gatherings of talent and (the one thing every starving artist actually wants) money.

Yep. Money.

For all you aspiring writers out there: there is an end to the rainbow... and it is definitely shiny.

Anyway... pulled this picture off a filmmaker's Facebook page after an extremely long session...

Starbuck yawning, Sagremor (still recovering from shredding open one of his back feet - long story... one that involved me doing field surgery, but I'll save that one for another time) passed the fuck out. Definitely metaphorical.
(click for larger image)
For all you aspiring artists out there: this shit's hard work.

Vague Writing Stuff

First off, I'd like to apologize to the readers of Panoramic Mindscapes. After posting 100,000 words worth of short stories between June and September of last year, I started to slow down... not because I wasn't writing, but because I had to shift my focus to screenplays (some spec, some commissioned). I assure you that I kept up my goal of writing 1000 words per day for the rest of the year, and I even tried to post a script onto Panoramic, but the formatting proved too much of a hassle.

Anyway, I'm slowly ramping up the short story focus again, so expect a short story per day (or at least a chapter of one) again very soon.

Beyond that, some aspiring directors are scouring the shorts on The Tenth Daughter of Memory for material, so some of you might be getting emails from me asking for permission for these people to adapt your work.

Obviously, those of you who have shown unusual dedication, persistence, and a willingness to learn, edit, and rewrite have already received recommendations from me as "read firsts."

Vague Location Stuff

Yeah, so, I may be moving again. Don't know where, don't know when... could be tomorrow, right down the street. Could be the end of April to Australia. Basically, I'm going to wait until that nagging feeling pulls an ex-girlfriend on me and pushes me over the edge.

At which point I'll jump and see where I land.

Don't knock it... it's a fun way to live.

Vague Tommy Lee Stuff

Some of you know that, a few years ago (2007-ish), I wound up driving for Tommy Lee (he of Pamela Anderson fame... and a damned good drummer) during the filming of his reality show. I told a lot of people then that Tommy Lee was probably the coolest, most down-to-earth celebrity I've ever had the fortune (or misfortune) to work with.

Anyway, fast-forward to last week, and I'm going to dinner with a couple of lawyers, a video game designer, a Google programmer, and a film director, and we wind up standing in line at one of my neighborhood's awesome Japanese restaurants (like, really... there's a shitload of awesome Japanese restaurants within walking distance).

Let me back up a bit... I was already drunk at this point.

So, in line in front of me is Tommy Lee. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I don't bother celebrities. I don't get starstruck because, well, I just don't give a shit. But Tommy Lee was cool in Atlanta (where I drove him), so I interrupted his conversation with whomever and shook his hand. Told him we once worked together (because, you know, there's no way the man remembered me) and we had a chat... at which point he totally validated my theory that he's probably the coolest, most down-to-earth celebrity I've ever met.

Seriously, ignore his bad press. The dude's awesome.

Vague Teddy Bear Stuff

So, I just realized that one of Jon Stewart's teddy bear props on The Daily Show is identical to one of my teddy bears. Anyone recognize it?

Yeah, I have a teddy bear... so fucking what?
His name's Rar Bear, by the way.
Vague Nostalgia Stuff

Last, and probably least, I'm missing my other two dogs something fierce, so I figured I'd post some photos of them. Haven't seen them in 18 months. It makes me sad.

Jax, me with insanely short hair, Jasper as a pup

Jax and Jasper, early 2008
I'm gonna go cry now.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tenth Daughters of Memory, 2011: Volume 2

So, another six months, another round of short story entries for The Tenth Daughter of Memory. This will probably be the last time I link any of my creative writing from Irreverent Irrelevance, but for the sake of 2011 symmetry, here you go.

Happy to say that "Fig Leaves," "When These Angels Want You Dead," and "Effect" won their respective Muses, and "Walls Have Ears, Calendars Have Eyes" finished as a first runner-up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Just some random musings to kick off the 2012 blogging year...

I hope to be a bit more active here than I was last year. I admit, I got bored with blogging in general (as I'm sure most of you do), but I'll try to pick things up in 2012... although this year I'll have less time. C'est la vie.

Advice: before you promise your producers a new draft of one script, the fine people at the BBC a spec draft of a different script, and enter a writing competition... do make sure the deadlines aren't all the same day. Ugh.

Nice to know that the Christian God is spending Sundays making sure Tim Tebow wins football games. Really, people? C'mon! God's not that crazy... he pulls for the Saints. We all know that already.

I miss my dogs. Jasper, Jax, I will come visit as soon as I can!

Why, oh, why, can't I avoid North Carolina in my life? Just for a little while... please?

The third series of the British TV show, Misfits, started off a little shaky... but, damn. Way to finish!

On December 1st, 2010, I received a fortune from a cookie that read: "You or a close friend will be married within a year." It did not happen. Just sayin.'

For the second time in my life I've learned that the following phrase is always untrue: "I will always help you out, no matter what." Beware of anyone who says that... they have funny ways of justifying why they left you for the wolves. It's a good thing I like wolves, but still...

I don't want to quit smoking. Take that.

Yeah, the Aussie accent is still the best in the English-speaking world. Probably the entire world, but I'm not here to force my subjectivity onto you.

Thank you, 2011, for being the first year in a long time that I didn't get invited to any funerals. I'd prefer it if the next one I attend is my own.

Someone please inform my cat, Sagremor, that while he's outside, it's not polite to jump up and latch onto window screens in order to scare the shit out of me and my guests while we're inside having a conversation. To make matters worse, one guest had just watched the movie The Breed and refused to leave for an hour.

Someone also please inform Sagremor that cats meow... they don't chirp. He really needs to quit doing that.

Just in case this ever comes up again... when driving me to the hospital, don't talk to me. Just get me there.

Nice to know my old unit inactivated with my record-score for firing the M249 unbroken. Yes, a mark no one will ever recall, but I do... and that works for me.

I do believe the above sentence is comprised of horrifyingly bad grammar.

Sorry, but texting me "I think your cute" is a good way to lose my interest.

I have realized that the apostrophe is sexy. Not as sexy as the semicolon, but close.

Aight... enough of this... I'll be around. And hopefully more relevant.