Saturday, December 4, 2010

Irrewind, 20101204: Wandering

Occasionally I wander around the world, looking for something I haven't yet identified. Frequently my mind wanders around the universe, thinking up weird stuff to keep my ennui from killing me. I'm certain these are not phenomena unique to me, but I think they're worthy of an Irrewind, anyway.

"Where Did the Road Go?"
The great escape. That's what the road was to people in generations past. Just themselves, their car, and the road. That black streak that disappeared around the bend, over the next rise, or into the horizon. A perfect quiet, noisy in that way that doesn't bother you... four pieces of rubber on the pavement rolling faster than the eye can see... Read More

As humans, we are the only species on this planet capable of going anywhere we choose, any time we choose. The world is ours to travel, to work in, to play in. Why should we die so closely to where we were born? Now, I do realize that many people simply return to where they were originally from after a lifetime of adventure, but I do... Read More

"Potential Energy"
Leg's trying to kick, but it's hard to throw a foot when sitting down. The night air is crisp and the lights of the local excuse for a city beckon with false promises of forgetful adventure. There's music I haven't heard somewhere, but I'll be damned to know what it is. Today's cigarette didn't help... my lungs still want to scream and I want to run... Read More

The question popped him out of his trance. The wide expanse of West Coast sand had hypnotized him the way only a collection of memories and dreams could. The rolling of Pacific waves during high tide reminded him of years wasted in the wrong parts of the world and the crashing water seemed to taunt him for seeking out calmer seas. His... Read More

"The Burning Bridge"
It's time to pack up and go
while the bridge can still be traversed
before it turns into ash... Read More


  1. The mind always need exercise, so a wandering mind is a healthy one :)

  2. I don't think I've actually read any of these before. Perfectly describe wanderlust though. I'm grounded with itchy feet.