Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: An Opinion

If you can believe it (and of course you can), people once opposed blacks in the US military. They also opposed American aborigines in the military. And Jews. And women. And... yeah, pretty much anyone who wasn't a white male Christian. Oh, and a heterosexual one, at that.

Let me just get this out of the way: repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." It's pointless, most troops don't really give a shit what other troops do off-duty, and countless other militaries have allowed gays, faggots, dykes, lesbos, carpet-munchers, pillow-biters, flesh-sword exchangers, and muff-muff scissor-lockers for years.

So why don't we?

I'm a veteran. I am not gay. I served with several gays who, though they eventually confided in me (among others), were outstanding soldiers who never bothered anybody. Sure, there was an initial shock at their revelations, but that subsided quickly (usually before the end of the conversation). But, so what? It didn't affect their ability to serve in the military at all. Except that they had to be a little extra cautious when off-duty. In that sense, it probably affected their ability to serve in a negative manner.

When I was younger, I must admit, I pretended to dislike homosexuals. It was, after all, the "cool" thing to do. So, yeah, I openly berated them. Behind closed doors, however (closets! Nyer!), I didn't give a shit. I still don't. I honestly don't care. I don't support gay marriage, but neither do I oppose it. I just don't care.

Where I do care lies in the fact that we need good soldiers, sailors, and marines. And we need soldiers, sailors, and marines who actually want to serve. So why not let them?

An aside: While I'm on the subject of letting everyone serve openly, I figured I'd mention that I also support women in the combat specialties, which are still primarily closed to females (if they're willing to take a bullet, who am I to tell them they can't?).

Okay, back on topic. Let gays serve. They want to. We need personnel. What's the fucking problem?

Some facts for you:
  • In 1947, most military personnel claimed that integrating blacks and Jews would cause riots in the military. It didn't.
  • In the 1980s, many military personnel claimed that allowing women to more fully integrate in the military (primarily on Navy vessels) would cause too many problems to be worth it. Yes, there were some hiccups, but overwhelming disruption there was not.
  • Today, some claim that allowing gays to serve will do the same. I got news for you: it won't.
Let 'em serve. That is all.


  1. I agree with you completely.
    ps...I think Bill Hicks had some pretty good words on this subject.

  2. Amen, and hallelujah.

    Your first paragraph sounds a bit like you've been drinking the OD Kool-Aid, though. Regardless of that the guys in green (and blue and white and khaki) may tell you, they still don't totally accept that list of folk. Read up on the statistics about the fate of women serving in Iraq. Horrifying.

    My brother was a Marine. I can't talk to him about women in the military. And women on a submarine? OMG, the boat will become a floating orgy. You can't expect a healthy man to actually control himself, can you? We almost came to blows over Tail Hook.

    I've never allowed the subject of gays in the military to come up in conversation, for fear I might never speak to him again. I know in his heart of hearts, he believes that they would be ogling all the straight men in the showers. As I suspect most of straight guys in the military do.

    As if.

  3. Gays can serve here but it's not easy. We've had several instances of AWOL and suicides due to vilification. Women serve but particularly in the navy they get a hard time. Army's a little easier on them. Let anyone who wants to serve I say as long as they're fit and have a brain between their ears. Sadly a lot of the straight men in all armed forces are fucktards steeped in a culture of brutality. Goes with the territory I think.

  4. Ah and a typo "Carpet-Muchers" hahahaha.

  5. I can't even listen to the arguments anymore on either side. It makes me tired listening to all the hate and bullshit reasons. This is what people want to spend their time on.