Saturday, November 20, 2010

Irrewind, 20101120: On Writing

So you've noticed I rant and rave about writing and aspiring writers quite a bit. Yeah, well, it's what I do. And I'm often paid for it, believe it or not. No, really, I've been PAID to tell people their work sucks (or is good, whatever). Crazy, right? I'll admit it, sure... it's crazy. But somebody's gotta do it. Rather large industry out there and all.

"Advice for Artists"
I've often said that there are three things to every thing: an art, a craft, and a science. From tying your shoes to having sex, from driving to cooking dinner, there is an artistic way, a practiced way, and a scientific way. Artists do something through talent and intuition... Read More

"They're Only Words Passing Time"
There's an old joke about the girl at the party suddenly turning away from the guy who says, "I'm a writer." As with all jokes, there's some truth to it, and there's a bit of lying going on. Anyone knows that the younger and more naive the target, the more likely she (or he) is going... Read More

"On Writing: An Opinion"
Every situation (from sex to violence to drugs to crime) and every perspective (from left to right to theist to atheist), no matter how heinous, nefarious, inspirational, or wonderful, can lend itself to a good story. And good stories deserve to be written, regardless of whether an... Read More

"On Writing: A Philosophy"
Anyway, long story short: writers need output. Writers write, after all. Those who talk about writing (or worse, talk about "ideas") and never write are most certainly not writers. It's no different than someone wanting to be a baseball player but never playing baseball. Intent is... Read More

"Jayne's No. 5"
Regular readers of mine will know I don't buy into writer's block. Seriously, it's bullshit. As I've stated before, unless your fingers and hands are broken or cut off, there is no such thing as writer's block. Other excuses I can't stand with so-called "aspiring writers" are "I'm too busy," "I'm not inspired," and "I'm not motivated."... Read More


  1. Dear Uncle Jeffscape, What can I do? The creative vomit seems to have dried up.

  2. nice. willgo back and read some of these...

  3. The first has caught my eye. I’ve thought of this alchemist’s triangle and wondered about other people’s thoughts on the workings. Interested to read your hit, popping over. -J

  4. Just came back. A dear working warhorse artist of mine and I have often had the discussion with the youngsters … if you can do ANYTHING else, do it. Working in the arts is not for sissies --- It is indeed one of the few professions that don’t automatically come with a paycheck.
    We have long called Science/Craft/Art – Alchemy/Alter/Spirit

    That being said, I'm agreeing with you, there IS indeed something to pull and appreciate, when you look hard enough into any art work/form.

  5. You? You rant and rave? Well, I never! haha.

  6. Just read through the posts on the list, and commented. Only two things to say here.

    1. Some of the posts make you sound like that grozzled old-timer who's been around the publishing track a time or ten thousand. Makes me chuckle.

    2. I just noticed that the bastard in the mirror has started messing with me too. Or perhaps I've fallen down the rabbit hole? I can't remember. Was he right-handed before the flip-flop, or did that flip-flop too? Perhaps the blog title should be
    "IRREho IRREhi."