Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gods Playing Poker: Sitting Up with a Sick Friend

*Continued from Gods Playing Poker: Stranger in Camp


Silver lies unconscious in the recovery-recuperator. He's not comatose, but he's not opened his eyes or said anything intelligible since East found him. East watches, loyal partner that he is, from the other side of the plexiform viewscreen. Captain Normandy is beside him.

"You don't know what he was doing there?" Normandy is pissed. Silver's often gone off the reservation, so to speak, but never into a dangerous situation before. He's foolish; not stupid… read more @ Panoramic Mindscapes




*Continued in Gods Playing Poker: A Bold Bluff

The Complete Gods Playing Poker


  1. 'officer thinks he needs to be subtle'm - hah!

    'Switching off her concern, she toggles on her professionalism.' mmm ... I sorta like this, but don't think it works. If concern-professionalism is a continuum, then ... she doesn't have to do two things, yes?

    'prescription for micro-endoscopy' ... WTF!

    What's with typing an access-code? You've done this a lot ... surely there is some code inserted behind their fingerprints?

    Hah! He's got slippers ... sweet ... wurby might need a W ...

    Got my eye on those doggies ... still ...

  2. she's got a point with the codes...but hey, maybe it's a failsafe...
    i just swallowed up my micro-colonoscopy pills today...oop, gotta go!

  3. There are some strange minds behind this stuff...


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