Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Superficial Scribbling

Writing in a hurry can be fun, but it usually isn't. Although even when it isn't, there's some weird sick joy to be had in "knocking shit out." It's even better when that shit actually isn't shit, but just the act of getting it written is good enough (for me, anyway).

Still, even I've noticed that the level of superficiality in what I write (be it creative writing or ranting/raving) has increased since I set myself the goal of posting at least four entries a week. It's alarming, yes, and I have no desire to develop bad habits (even as a quasi-writer). But perhaps that's the challenge? Write quickly with depth, rather than just write quickly.

Of course, a goal has to be known in order to be set, yes? So that's the goal for the rest of the year. Quick and deep, because the shallow stuff is starting to irk me (hmm... sounds like sex... er... forget I wrote that).

Then again, I've noticed a lot of writing from others that seems to be suffering from superficiality. And I don't mean in general, since most write superficially... I'm speaking of people whose writings typically have a lot more depth than they have as of late. Hmm... maybe the transition from spring to summer (or fall to winter, depending on your hemisphere) makes people dumber. Or lazier. Or both.

Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there that I'm going to try a bit harder. When I don't, feel absolutely free to call me out on it. I may just ignore you, but you might feel better about it.

Time to write.


  1. Second time. Spelling.

    Deep. Very deep, Jeff. Quick. Way too quick. Haha! Your thoughts here have inspired me.

  2. My writing is always in a hurry :/ And always short

  3. My blog is superficial for a reason. At least, that's how I excuse it to myself.

  4. Superficial rants are, for most, are easier to read. Somebody followig a hundred blogs cannot possibly handle as many deep texts, since they don't allow... the touch to be followed by a quick go to the next blog.
    I like food for thought. Keep on keeping on! :)

  5. I have always suspected that one is far more likely to drown in deep waters than in superficial waters.

  6. Superficiality is greatly underestimated. Now, quick, think on that one, Jeff. Deeply.

  7. In the old days of typewriters, pens and pencils, journals and folders were where might languish for further consideration than a spell check what now goes straight to publishing just to keep up the writing. It is daunting to the love of reading for more depth than found in other's literal daily digital calesthentics with no more inspiration or purpose than to keep up the being read.

  8. how about a disclaimer to let us know the superficiality rating?

    also, yours is more of a writer's blog than a social one, so less personal, hence less superficial. sometimes it is nice to get more of a glimpse into the writer; you'll let us into your twisted world, unlike some people i

  9. I like how you describe writing using words.

    I have had a tough time, as of late. Word-jam in da brain.

  10. Sometimes life happens too loudly for the words to be heard. And sometimes the muse just takes a vacation.

    Besides, to be honest, sometimes I find "depth" to be a tad TMI. You know?