Saturday, March 28, 2020

Video Game Irreview: Metro: Last Light (Redux)


As with Metro 2033, I first played Metro: Last Light back in 2015.  I'm having a vague recollection of an Angry Joe review inspiring me to try the series out, but I can't remember if that were the exat reason I did so.


I friggin' love Metro: Last Light.  It's strange, then, that its gameplay is relatively identical to its predecessor, Metro 2033.  And I don't love that game... because Metro 2033's gameplay is annoying.

Whatever the game designers did to tweak Metro: Last Light, it works.  Small, almost imperceptible changes to control, perspective... and the story remains solid.  Special attention is paid to developing character relationships, and the narrative is all the better for it.

Metro: Last Light introduces some open-world-ish elements, as well, which set the stage for the friggin' awesome Metro Exodus.

If you like the genres this thing hits (post-Apocalyptic, science fiction, paranormal, horror, steampunk), then you should play this game.

8/10 for gameplay.
9/10 for story.