Saturday, January 25, 2020

Playlist I, January 2020: Birdy's Theorem

I've had a story called Theorem floating around my head for almost twenty years now.  There have been versions of it popping up here and there, but none of them ever seemed to quite work.  Even this latest version I've been developing since last May or June wasn't seem to be working until just this week.

What changed?

I dunno... but I usually write to instrumental pieces.  This week I've been writing to my old Birdy playlists (you can check those out here and here).  What can I say?  I love Birdy.  She seems to be working me.  Never mind that the music makes absolutely no sense within the context of Theorem's story.

Individual songs up top; complete playlist at the bottom.




The Complete Playlist 1, January 2020