Sunday, May 5, 2019

Movie Irreview: The Predator


The Predator marks Shane Black's return to the franchise.  Many of you will recall that he played "Hawkins" in the original film and some of you probably know that he did some uncredited rewrites on that film's screenplay.

But, so what?  As far as I'm concerned, Shane Black has run out of leeway.  Granted, I haven't seen Nice Guys, but Iron Man 3 was just too much... too much nonsense, too much banter, too much too much.

And that's the major problem with The Predator.  Too much of everything.

That stated, I enjoyed it.  Yes, it's a superficial mess of silly ideas and executions.  But, it's kinda fun.  There's as much to like about it as there is to dislike about it.  I mean... the Predator dogs sorta sum up the movie for me... stupid fucking idea, but it kinda grows on you by the end of the film, but then they fuck it up anyway.

Still, it might be the second-best Predator film (I'm not a huge fan of Predator 2) and I'll watch another sequel.  But, as with The Predator, I'll probably wait for home video.