Thursday, December 13, 2018

Playlist VII, December 2018

Anybody who's paid any attention around here knows I'm into epic production music.  I'd come across Alberta's Trevor DeMaere in early 2017, when I heard his co-composition with David Eman, "Final Millenium."  "Hope Found Here" was playing as part of a YouTube playlist I was checking out, and it immediately struck me.

Louane is a French pop star I first heard on fellow chanteuse Nolwenn Leroy's Pandora channel.  England's Birdy came from a YouTube recommendation.  Louane and Birdy are who inspired my recent journey through Spanish-language pop music, on a failed search for their Spanish cognate.

I've mentioned elsewhere that Quebec's Cœur de pirate came from Louane's Pandora channel.  Massachusetts's Crooked Still was also a Pandora find, but I'm hard-pressed to remember from what channel.

Anyway.  Enjoy.

"Where the Moon Is Made of Gold"

"Pop Music Is Better When It's Not in English"

"Violence Is Better When It's Not in French"

"Surrender Is Better When It's Not in Prose"

"On Music: An Irrespective"

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