Friday, April 28, 2017

Playlist II, April 2017

April 13 - Time for some epic dreams.

April 16 - The world does not stop for us. The universe does not care about you. But neither of those are any reason to quit. Essayons.

April 17 - Let's try this ANTHROPY thing again, shall we?



A field of stars tells the lie that there's an end to the universe...

April 17 - Good night. Dream big. Epicize. Save the universe.

April 18 - Good morning. Perfect day to put some abstract markings on blank pieces of paper. And, perhaps, obliterate some whiskey and/or wine later. But not too much later.

April 21 - Dream epic. Live pragmatic. Write alcoholic.

April 22 - Comfortable cat? Check. Walked dog? Check. Whiskey and Cherry Coke? Check. Epic music? Check. ANTHROPY treatment? Underway.

April 22 - Anyone available to read a treatment-y script outline and have a chat about it afterward?

Zach? Tyler? Helen? Who else? Dan?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Playlist, April 2017

March 26 - Epic dreams tonight, for I must epicize tomorrow.

April 2 - You have to make the pen mightier than the sword. Because it sure as shit ain't by default.

April 7 - More epicizing. More ANTHROPY. But first, perchance, to dream.

April 8 - Plot Point 1, as Mr. Field calls it...

April 9 - Act 3, as they say.

April 10 - If life had meaning, it would be a play. All the world's a stage, though it lacks narration. You couldn't write this shit, so why does anyone try? No reason... we're just bored and have lies to tell.

April 11 - A writer has no secrets.

April 11 - I don't think I've heard of Adam Peters before today. Now I can't get enough of him.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Long Goodbye...

My boy is dying.

He may have a year and half.  He may have less.  And, sure, he may have more.

But, in all likelihood, I'm going to find out later this week which one of two ailments is killing him.

He's not ready.  I'm not ready.