Monday, January 9, 2017

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part XV: Shenanigans

Finally back in Sydney to relax and recuperate before my return to the United States.

But, then, a buddy of mine that I met at a film festival randomly hits me up and tells me he's flying into Sydney... literally the weekend I'm leaving.  And, of course we pick him up and do shit.

First day, we run around the harbour area.  Second day, we pick him up, take him to Helen's, feed him roo and croc, and get him drunk.  Or try to.  The man doesn't drink much, it seems.

Ah, well... more for me!

They... they don't spell "chili" correctly down there!!!

Helen's dog, Brit.  Clearly happy to see us.

Brett, on the other hand... quite welcoming.

And he's a small one.  Puny bitch.

The Harbour Bridge.  Old hat, this one.

With its two flags... one of which, most New South Welshmen don't even know what it represents.  Funny, that.

Ate here.  Recommended.
Just a bunch of filmmakers doing their part for charity.

A topiary of spider monkeys.  Royal Botanical Gardens.

Alex has never seen the Opera House.  I have.  Been to a show there, too.  Nyer.
Kangaroo, I expect!  But croc!!! In a grocery store??? Oh, Hell, yes!

Krupnikas.  Try some.  It's brilliant.

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