Saturday, December 17, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part VII: Fraser and NIFF

So, despite having been in around Noosa for almost a full week, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures.  But, know that the film festival was awesome.  Met a lot of cool people (and am likely collaborating in the near future with a couple) and saw a lot of impressive films.

Also, ate a lot of kangaroo.  But you probably figured that already.

At some sandy peninsula, waiting for that ferry in the distance to take us to Fraser Island.

On the ferry.  Mainland Australia to the right.  Fraser Island to the left.  I think.  Might have that backwards.

A dingo!  Apparently, dingoes on Fraser Island are the only purebred dingoes in the world.

Why am I showing you sand?  That's not sand... that's some fucking clear-ass water.  Crazy, eh?

Spider egg sacs.  Hanging over my head during the barbecue lunch.

The shore of Lake Mackenzie.

Me in Lake Mackenzie.  Gorgeous water.  Looks and temperature-wise.

Just messing around.

This guy likes my sock.

Back at the villa, writing a script I had to turn in since they already paid my deposit.

Cinematographer John Seale.  I shared a brief story about an experience I had regarding a film he shot, The English Patient.  Nice guy.  Too many groupies.

Programs, passes, and brochures.  Six of those tiny blocks on the programs are my movies! (One film screened twice)

In case anyone was wondering,the five films that screened were:

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