Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part V: Around Bellingen

I found out there was a River Styx not far from Bellingen, so I convinced my friend to come with me while I looked for the damned thing.

It was a harrowing journey... we were lost on logging roads for well over an hour... but it was so worth it.

On the road toward some famous fish hatchery... a red-bellied black snake.  Apparently super-deadly.  I think we could've been friends, but Helen started freaking the fuck out.

A strange building in the middle of nowhere.  Something to do with aircraft.  Forget what it's called.

Australian "slippery when wet" signs are so dramatic.

The River Styx!!!

Just getting my boat fare ready...

This picture fails to show it, but apparently the river is abnormally deep for a river its size.

Some waterfall somewhere.  Ebor Falls, I think.  We were driving a highway called "The Waterfall Way."

Another waterfall somewhere.  I THINK these are called Dorrigo Falls.

A panorama taken from some jungle skywalk in a national park.  Nice retaurant nearby.

You, too, can go off-road.

A dick of a kookaburra at the cabin in Bellingen.  I gave this bastard a piece of beef jerky.  He looked at me like I owed him some money.

For my British friends...

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