Friday, December 9, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part II: Castle Hill to Port Macquarie

After a week or so in and around Sydney, including a reunion with a friend of mine from Hollywood (who is now the dean of a film school in Australia), the road trip north began!

This would mark my first time significantly north of Sydney and (later in the trip) my first time in Queensland.

*I forget where some of these photos were taken... I'll come back and update as I figure that shit out.

The wrong side of the road AND 110???  Oh, wait... that's KPH.  Shit.

Was meeting a friend at a famous brewery... that had apparently burned down the week before.

This is the guy who recommended the brewery.  He was getting married in a few days, so I didn't hold it against him.  But I am now, god dammit.

I think this place is called Dark Point.  Myall Lakes National Park.

A panorama of Dark Point.  Super windy, though.

Broughton Island.  You can camp there if you can get out there.  I shall return.

Just a cool sign.  On a truck.

A fake Ayers Rock, for those too lazy to drive all the way out to real Ayers Rock (or Uluru, as it's now appropriately called).

A goana up a tree.  I think.  I'll verify that.

The tallest tree in New South Wales, supposedly.  The Grandis something or other...

I forget what this beach is called.  My friend Helen wanted to stop here.  An aside: there may or may not be a lot of beach photos in this series of blog posts... Australia has a shit-ton of beautiful beaches... and they're all empty!!!

Coles grocery store in Port Macquarie.  The kangaroo section.  Sooooooo good.

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