Thursday, December 8, 2016

Photos from Australia, 2016, Part I: Settling In

Oh, yeah... just did another six weeks in Australia.  My third trip there, and every time I go, I want less and less to return to the United States.

One day, I'm going to bet, I'm just going to stay.  Preferably in Adelaide.

Until then, enjoy some photos:

Rainbow lorikeets.  I think.  Enjoying some seed.

An Australian possum.  Cuter, nicer than our opossums.  Although this motherfucker broke the bird feeder.

A temple known to Australians as "Dan Murphy's."  Oh, me.  Oh, my.

Can't remember the bar we were at, but it's got a nice view of an Australian icon.  Didn't catch a concert at the Opera House this time around... I'll have to make up for that in 2018.

There's a famous school of design in Sydney, I believe called Billy Blue.  They opened a student restaurant and decorated it with all of their stuff.  Pretty good, I'd say. 

Interesting story about the real William Blue.  Australia is full of American undertones... but don't tell them that.

Student food?  Fucking amazing.

Just a cool moth.

When I went to Australia in 2014, I bought some shoe polish for some reason.  My friend still had it, and I wound up polishing my old Army boots.  People who know me will know how silly this concept is.

My third time to Oz and I'm only just now realizing their paper is a different size than ours???

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  1. Sly dog. Didn't know you'd put pics up. I miss
    You. Come back.