Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Playlist III, May 2016

This is about as cultural as I'm gonna get today.

Kill 'em all. Let the dance sort 'em out.

Good morning.

Need to add some wine, then I can get some epicizing on.

And the reach of ghosts...

To end a little differently (and partially because the Yoshida Brothers are up top), I thought I'd share this awesome trailer. Japan seems to be en vogue these days.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Playlist II, May 2016

I definitely don't. Let's rock this joint.

And maybe they won't. Does it matter?

It's lost in Merlot and piano, that's where it is. A good place to be. :)

Not sure, but I'm thinking maroon berets...

Sleep too long...

Push. Then pull. It'll fall eventually.

And it's raining.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Playlist, May 2016

Blasting loud and drinking gin. Fuck you.

There are friends I'll never be able to talk to again... and that is how I know your god's plan is nonsensical, inane, and fucking stupid.

Drinking Barefoot Merlot, trying to balance a short film budget from 2012 (!), all in a ridiculous attempt to finish all of tomorrow's work tonight so that I can finish a rewrite for a feature screenplay that was due to a producer yesterday. Someone come play with my hair.

There will be much Spanishing, much Frenching, and much writing today. Of course, this will be accompanied by much Merloting.

Good morning. Happy writing.

It's a "Get drunk at lunch" kinda day...

It's still morning?