Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Playlist III, April 2016


Ah, Monday...

Tonight's soundtrack, part 1.

Tonight's soundtrack, part 2.

You know... just a Monday song... from a Monday band. No worries.

Aight... time to work.

Sleeeeeeeeeeep. Now.

Haaaaaaaaaaah! Oh, naivete... how close you always are.

If this is what I was listening to four years ago... I think I was in a much better mood.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Playlist II, April 2016

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Finger-dancing across South Australia today. TWO-UP game in progress. Coming soon to a script near you.

A hero continues to chase a mystery across South Australia, while someone else chases him. ‪#‎writingisgood‬

In a vineyard in the Barossa Valley, our hero comes face to face with the man behind the curtain, only to find every word of "man behind the curtain" is a lie. ‪#‎writingisgood‬

Home underground in the South Australian desert, our hero learned that the truth he'd uncovered wasn't fair, so he buried it in a way that everyone got their just desserts. And he smiled. ‪#‎writingisgood‬

Anzac Day. A murder in Adelaide. Nobody knows anything and everybody wants something. TWO-UP. ‪#‎writingisgood‬

There's always time for Brad Sucks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Playlist, April 2016

So, just to explain how these playlists come to be...

I listen to a lot of Pandora. A LOT. And, whenever I hear a song that just vibes for whatever reason and at whatever moment, I typically post it to my Facebook page, accompanied by some silly little comment, quote, or thought. And when there's more than a couple songs on my Facebook page, I compile them and post them as a "Playlist" here.

Anyhoo... not sure anybody noticed, but as of the last playlist, I started posting the relevant comment, quote, or thought from Facebook, as well. Maybe it'll give these playlists some context and make them more interesting for you. Or not.


I need to change my Pandora channel, I think... I'm trying to write suburban drama and this comes on, and the next thing I know, an angst-ridden teenager is running around her living room being chased by cybernetic space ninjas on a secret rescue mission from Galorax, Prince of the Mindakka Empire. Dammit.

Gonna dream epic tonight.

Nothing like writing an Australian crime thriller while listening to Canadian hip-hop. Good morning, Saturday.

Spy thriller? Crime thriller? Well, don't mind if I do...

Boom. What? Who gives shit? Just do it.

Today is French, 2000 words of "Two-Up," Spanish, and 15 pages of CLANDESTINE'S DAUGHTER. And some paperwork, but I'm trying to forget about that shit. ‪#‎epicize‬

This is what it feels like to write, "FADE OUT. THE END."

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Memory of Cats

Last week, my parents came down for a visit.  Mostly to go shopping at Asian grocery stores, but partially to see me, as well.

Anyway, as my mother is wont to do, she brought down a ton of my stuff that's been in storage, because, well... that's what she does.  Not that I particularly wanted any of it, but she brought it anyway.  Surprisingly, I did keep a lot of it.  Some I threw away, some I sent back to be returned to storage.

But, this little thing caught my eye:

I honestly can't remember where this came from, though I'm fairly certain it belonged to an ex-girlfriend.  Whatever the case, I thought it might be a nice addition to my new kitchen, which is the largest kitchen I've ever had (and I love it... especially since I started learning how to cook a while ago).

So, why am I writing about this?

I'm getting to that... have some fucking patience.

Well, I'm getting to it now, so I guess patience is moot at this point.

The last time this picture was on display was likely 2005, maaaaybe the very first few days of 2006.  It's also very possible this thing has been boxed since early 2004.  Regardless... the last time this thing was on display, I had several cats (not just the two I had now), three dogs (not just Starbuck), and (in all likelihood) a live-in girlfriend.

Today I caught one of my cats, Sagremor, studying and staring at this thing for quite a while.  Normally, I wouldn't think anything of it, since cats are a curious lot, but I've had this thing out for almost a week now.

And he just now decided to... do whatever he was doing.  For a moment, he appeared lost in some latent memories and his expression made me think of his brothers (litter-mate Arthur, plus Tristan and Gawain - whom he barely knew), his father (Galahad - whom Sagremor also barely knew), his sister (Isolde), and his mother (Guinevere - both females ran away together).

It got me thinking about how people and animals may or may not remember other people, animals, places, and things.  It got me wondering what mylife could've, would've, should've been like, which led me to the realization that it doesn't really matter.

Which got me wondering what Sagremor might say to all of that.  Does he miss his family?  Or is he content and happy where he is and how things wound up?

Maybe I'll go stare at the picture for a little while... try to remember exactly how I got that damned thing.