Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"World War III Rages"

I wrote the following as a prologue for a script I was working on back in September of 2005.  It's starting to bother me.

World War III rages.

It begins with a riot in Sarajevo.  Blame is placed on the West from the East, the East from the West.  The Balkans erupt once more into all-out war.  The Muslims flee, fearing genocide.

In the Middle East, a call to arms incites the glorious armies of Allah, and any semblance of order in the region is once again dispelled.  The Commonwealth of Independent States reacts quickly, but its disorganized state hampers their response.

The CIS is on the verge of breaking apart.  Ultra-nationalists alarmingly rise to power, promising a glorious era for a new Soviet Union.  Europe panics as the United Nations deploys massive forces to hold threatening Soviet forces.  A new iron curtain is drawn.

China, though friendly to capitalist ideals, embraces its communist dreams and invades Taiwan.  America reacts as well as it can; Japan remilitarizes; South Korea prepares to defend itself against yet another Chinese-sponsored North Korean invasion.

India, reluctantly defending the crown of the British Empire, begins a cross-Himalayan campaign to attack the Chinese from another front.  Pakistan seizes the opportunity and invades Kashmir.  Nuclear war begins in the subcontinent.  Afghanistan attempts to assist Pakistani refugees, but the government is once again overthrown by militant Muslims.  A new Mahdi ascends in Karachi.

Islamic extremists tear northern Africa apart.  Christian Ethiopia is helpless.  A new crusade begins in Africa, borders break down, genocide in the mother continent.

South America becomes a safe haven for refugees and war criminals and, like the Middle East before it, becomes a training ground for international terrorists and freedom fighters.  Brazil welcomes Western assistance, Argentina vehemently refuses it.  Nationalism rears its violent head in Latin America.  Civil wars set off like firecrackers.  Mexico quickly follows.

Civil rights movements sweep through the United States and Canada like never before.  Canada is forced to withdraw its military obligation to the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom.  The United States alienates its people by instituting a draft.  Martial law becomes reality, but the armies and navies of the West are able to rally behind the military-industrial complex that is the United States.

Almost two billion dead, chaos rules, but the war is over.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Randomness, November 2015

I've never in my life been bored by a James Bond movie.  Until I saw Spectre.  Holy shit, that was bad.

Have to move temporarily.  I hate moving.  Yet, I do it often.

I'm convinced by my Facebook feed that almost all of my "friends" are idiots.  Or ideologues.  Either way, I'm debating their stupidity.

One more photo in celebration of one of our latest short films:

Celebrating a successful festival screening of "Gloriana"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Recent Shenanigans

What have I been up to lately, you ask? Oh, you didn't? Well, here's an update, anyway. :P

A really bad Australian zombie and the girl from the Ring for Halloween.

Day 2 Cast & Crew of my latest film, "Screenings"

Among the crew were five veterans.  Including one of my best friends from my days in the Army.

Veteran's Day trip out to Joshua Tree.  Ran into another Army buddy from Korea.