Thursday, February 26, 2015

RoM 06: Winner

The winner of the 6th Annual "River of Mnemosyne" is:


Yay, Tom!  An every-year veteran of the River, this is his second victory!

Check out his lazily-untitled story here:
  1. Seventh Goddess
  2. The Forensics of Spume
  3. The Way of the North
  4. Virginal Voophilia
  5. Stakes and Lies
  6. A Meal of Her Loins
  7. Controlled Burn
  8. Ghastly Truths
  9. To Bury a Mountain
As is sometimes the case, the authors of a couple of the better entries will be contacted and badgered to rewrite, edit, and submit their works for publication.  Check your messages!

Thanks for playing, everyone!  See you next year!

Unless you're one of those writers who badger me incessantly about publishing... then I'll see you tomorrow, I'm sure. ;)


  1. Congrats, Tom! Now rewrite, edit, submit!

  2. flabbergasted! Thanks all, and congrats to all for the fine, entertaining work you contributed!