Sunday, January 4, 2015

On the Horizon...

2015 is bound to be an interesting year.  Not because stars are aligned or anything that attributable to nonsense, but because... well... shit's gotta happen or nothing's going to happen.

See, at the end of the 2012, I co-wrote and co-starred (don't ask) in a pilot for a web series and - as randomness would have it - it generated a lot of interest.  Enough that I decided to leverage that interest into funding for the actual web series.  Long story short, a few legal issues popped up, compounded by unreasonable partnerships, so the web series went away.  Which is probably a good thing, given that it spares the world from the image of me running across a rooftop, long-hair flowing, carrying an M-14 rifle.

Regardless, the experience taught me that I have the capability of creating projects that people are willing to fund.  So, I went to work on setting up an entity that would allow me to chase investors and talent, and by August of 2013, said entity was cocked, locked, and ready to rock.  After having done two short films and the aforementioned web pilot in 2012, I supervised two short films in 2013 (one of which was done on 35mm film), and began work on my first full-length, feature film.

In 2014, I filmed three short films (which will be ready soon) and continued developing the feature.  I took a five-week vacation in Australia and upon returning to the United States, the partner in the feature film decided to drop out.  I have no idea why, but I've long quit trying to figure out why people flake out in Hollywood.  It happens, happens often, and there's really no point in questioning it.  Another long story short, I had to set off on another adventure: figuring out just what the Hell we were going to film in 2015.

Needless to say, I am over-fucking-whelmed.  While I have excellent filmmaking personnel in place, surviving in this insane industry requires so much more than just making the damned movies.  And while I have four extremely patient investors and financiers, thriving in this inane city requires so much more than just having the damned money.

Not only am I this production entity's primary writer, I am also its primary producer, its only developer (also known as an "executive producer" in this town... which sounds more important than just "producer," but is actually a demotion of sorts), and the entity's sole full-time employee and business manager.  I'm not complaining... just pointing out that this is what happens when one has little operating capital.  It's a fact of life and one I'm dealing with as well as I can.

It's a high-wire act, as you can imagine.  And, this year, I either make it to the other side, or I fall into the abyss.

Whichever happens, it'll be spectacular.

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